Open Source

Multi-Purpose Server Daemon


Kimura is the latest incarnation of Chris Barber’s multi-purpose server daemon. He’s been working on it on and off for a couple years. The project started off years ago as a Comet server called Coma. Back in 2008, Coma was renamed to Kimura and the scope was redesigned.

Things started out trying to scratch every itch including support for every platform and an embedded JavaScript engine. Soon the design became over complicated and simplification was needed. Now the server is being designed exclusively for Linux and the JavaScript integration has been dropped. The primary focus is on building a highly scalable, secure, and extensible server.

The server is written in C++. It’s open sourced under the New BSD License. The source code is hosted on Launchpad. It is worth noting that as of right now, Kimura doesn’t do much and won’t anytime soon.

You can also check out Kimura on Ohloh.

JavaScript Toolkit

Dojo Toolkit

Dojo is an open source JavaScript toolkit that makes developing rich internet applications quick and easy.

We use Dojo extensively in our projects. One of the nice things about CB1, INC. is we aren’t interested in intellectual property or software patents. We are free to innovate and contribute however we choose and in this case allows us to give back to Dojo.

Whenever a bug in Dojo is encountered, a patch fixing the problem is submitted back to Dojo. Chris has contributed a number of neat Dojo additions including the dojox.image.LightboxNano and dojox.widget.rotator widgets.

PHP Framework


Elevate is a PHP framework that exists mostly as an exercise to survey other PHP frameworks as well as come up with best practices for leveraging PHP 5.3’s latest features.

The framework is being designed to work on PHP 5.3+ and makes use of namespaces, closures and SPL. Another objective was to have first class integration with APC, Memcached, Gearman and Drizzle.

You can check out Elevate on Ohloh.

Drupal Plugin

Dojo Toolkit Module

The Dojo Toolkit Module is a plugin for Drupal 5.x that magically switches your site from jQuery to Dojo! Every jQuery widget has been rewritten using Dojo thus eliminating the need for jQuery on the front-end.

The Dojo Toolkit Module includes a number of nice features including a rich-text editor on content creation pages. There is a comprehensive administration area that allows you to create profiles for debugging and editor instances.

There was an effort at one point in time to upgrade the Dojo Toolkit Module to Drupal 6.x, but changes to Drupal’s core prevents the Dojo Toolkit Module from being able to block the loading of jQuery which mostly defeats the purpose of the module.

After years of use, the Dojo Toolkit Module is abandoned. It is recommended that theme users simply include Dojo the old fashion way using the page template.