Tonight I gave a talk about Cassandra at the Minnesota PHP User Group. I would hope that everyone that came out learned a little something. I have to admit the talk was a bit unorganized, but hey, I love to talk. It also didn’t help that there was major construction going on at the meeting venue that made it hard for people to hear me.

After rambling for an hour and a half, I finally ran out of Cassandra-related stuff to talk about. Since some people were interested in some new features of PHP 5.3, I showed off my MVC framework I’ve been working on called Elevate. In Elevate’s code, I use some of PHP 5.3’s new features such as closures, namespaces, and the ternary operator (?:). I also showed Elevate’s super cool Gearman worker daemon that I used for sending e-mails.

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