Dojo 1.0 is out now and you know what that means… version 2.1 of the Dojo Toolkit Module is now available with support for Dojo 1.0. There’s been a bunch of testing and it looks to be pretty solid, so give it a shot:

What’s new in v2.1:

  • Upgraded Dojo code to Dojo 1.0.0
  • Added option to force Dojo to load on all pages
  • Fixed bug with applying profile weights
  • Fixed bug with Dojo Toolkit Module settings page in IE
  • Fixed bug displaying duplicate roles for each profile on settings page
  • Fixed typos in documentation
  • Added stripos() function for PHP4 users

For additional information, visit the Dojo Toolkit Module project page at The documentation has been updated to cover the latest features. If you should have any issues, please report them in the forum.