It has been a couple months since the last post and there has been much going on. For starters, version 2.0 of the Dojo Toolkit Module for Drupal has been released. It has undergone a bunch of testing and looks pretty good.

dojo_toolkit_module-5.x-2.0.tar.gz (52.5KB)

What’s new in v2.0:

  • Added support for Dojo 0.9.0
  • Added support for defining a Dijit theme
  • Includes build profiles for local and CDN custom builds
  • Fixed bug with support for prefixed table names
  • Changed license from GPLv2 to AFL/BSD

I know it doesn’t seem like much and I might be forgetting a few items, but with the port from Dojo 0.4.3 to Dojo 0.9.0, a lot of code was re-written.

In addition, I decided to change the license for this module to the same license as the Dojo Toolkit because it just didn’t feel like the Dojo Toolkit Module had the same spirit as Dojo. Since this module is no longer GPLv2, I cannot submit this module to Drupal’s CVS repository.

The Dojo Toolkit Module has a new home at The documentation is partially updated. The build profiles and editor profiles information is a little out of date. All of the examples are still Dojo 0.4.3, but I’ll be updating these soon. If you should have any issues, please report them in the forum.

In other news, the CB1, INC. website received a much needed face lift. It is still not 100% IE friendly, but it is better than before. If time permits, I could fix it, but it is certainly not a high priority.

Finally, we have started two new open source projects. The first is a nameless content management system. There are tons of CMS applications out there, but I think there is still room for improvement. The other project is Coma, an enterprise comet server. There will be more information about these two projects in the near future.