OSCON Day 2 Tutorials Recap

Jul 25, 2007

The second day of tutorials started with New Parallel Programming Tools for a Multicore World which essentially was a plug for Intel’s new Threading Building Blocks project. Basically they re-wrote threads on all platforms, added a bunch of neato stuff like memory allocators, concurrent collections, and schedulers. Some of the thread synchronization functionality is pretty nice.

Before I even entered the room, I was cautious that this might be some proprietary crap, but they have dual licensed it under GPLv2 and a paid license for redistributing your program without having to give away the code. In coordination with this release, O’Reilly published a book about the Threading Building Blocks. I picked up a copy, but I haven’t read it yet.

The next tutorial was Linux Performance Monitoring by Darren Hoch. He gave a great talk that discussed tracking down issues common utilities including CPU, memory, and I/O. His booklet was very well put together, so it made his talk easier to follow.

Later that night I went to the PHP and MySQL and the Google O’Reilly Open Source Awards party where I got to meet and hang out with lots of great people including Peter Zaitsev, Jay Pipes, Darren Hoch, Matthew Eernisse, and many more.

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