OSCON Day 1 Tutorials Recap

Jul 24, 2007

I attended two tutorials: one on Pthreads and one on Linux performance monitoring.

The Pthreads talk was pretty basic. The speaker, Adrien Lamothe, was great to listen to. He would interject interesting comments and stories. 30 minutes of the talk was lost due to power issues. Actually, a whole section of rooms supposedly lost power. It’s mildly amusing to see the power go off and see 30 or so laptops still working away. I would have like to see more in-depth coverage of Pthreads. He just scrapped the surface of thread synchronization and didn’t get to more advanced topics such as thread pools.

The Linux performance monitoring talk was excellent. Darren Hoch talked about how to identify performance issues with your Linux machine using tools that come standard with a distro. Using these tools, he showed us that you can quickly identify if the issue is a CPU, memory, or I/O issue. He was a very energetic speaker and had great real world examples.

It was also fun to run into a number of familiar faces that I’ve met at past conferences.

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