I just got back the other day from the Dojo Developer Day in New York on May 4th-5th and needless to say, it was great! The event is broken into 2 days: one for Dojo contributors and one for the Dojo community.

For me, the big talk of the first day was Dojo 0.9 which includes the new Core and Dijit systems. From the sounds of things, Dojo’s new core is much, much smaller and faster. Dijit is the new widget system that also improves size and speed, but also much improved skinning capabilities.

On Saturday, I did a short presentation on the Dojo Module and talked briefly about some of the other Dojo enhanced Drupal modules in the pipe. I spent a lot of time in smaller discussion groups talking about Drupal and Dojo development.

Both days were filled with great talks and great demos. Seeing and learning about all the code side of things is great, but the best part is meeting and hanging out with the Dojo gang!

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